Most Effective Herbal Remedy For Hypertension Treat High BP

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Hypertension has become a common place malady in today’s hectic life. Any imbalance in the physical or psychological health may result in hypertension.

Hypertension or high blood pressure has become a common place malady in today’s busy, hectic life. Any imbalance in the physical or psychological health or a combination of both may result in hypertension. If left untreated, hypertension may lead to several health hazards in future life. Coronary arterial disease, stroke, renal failures are some among the many hazardous side-effects of hypertension. Symptoms of hypertension may not always be unique. Headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, confusion, nose bleeds, blurred vision, shortness of breath are some of the common symptoms of hypertension. Some of the factors contributing to hypertension are heredity, obesity, stress, aging and high sodium intake. Nowadays hypertension is treatable through a number of herbal remedies available in the market. Given below are some of the effective hypertension herbal remedies.

Garlic, the commonest Indian kitchen spice is an effective herbal remedy for hypertension. It can lower LDL cholesterol levels greatly. Regular intake of garlic cloves helps to dilate blood vessels, improve blood flow and abate the risk of hypertension. Apart from checking hypertension, garlic also wards off other health problems like lung problems, cardiac attacks and arthritis.

Hawthorn herb is another effective herbal remedy for hypertension. This herbal supplement has been in use for centuries as a hypertension remedy. The leaf and floral parts of hawthorn usually go in to the preparation of herbal hypertension medications. These parts of the hawthorn herb are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids which dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation and give respite from hypertension.

Stevia, reputed for its antiseptic properties, is a good herbal remedy for hypertension. This sweet herb expands blood vessels allow easy and unobstructed blood flow. This lowers blood pressure remarkably. Stevia not only prevents hypertension problems but also keeps diabetes in check and also protects one from bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

Cayenne pepper is also quite beneficial as a hypertension herbal remedy. Certain compounds in cayenne pepper help in dispersing arterial plaque, stimulating blood flow and boosting cardiovascular health. Intake of cayenne pepper however has to be supplemented by a regular and systematic exercise regime and nutritional diet.

Indian gooseberry rich in Vitamin C is also a reputed herbal remedy for hypertension. Intake of Indian gooseberry decreases the level of LDL cholesterol, widens the blood vessels and increases blood flow. This ultimately helps to maintain healthy blood pressure level. Patients with hypertension need to take 2 teaspoons of the powder in glassful milk early in the morning.

All the above mentioned herbal remedies for hypertension are equally effective. So it is quite difficult to pick out any of these as the ‘most’ effective herbal remedy for hypertension. So you are free to use the one that is within your easy reach.